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Mediterranean charm

In ancient times Tarragona was known as Imperial Tarraco and was a magnificent urban metropolis of Roman Hispania. Now it is the capital of a conglomeration of small and medium-sized towns and cities in southern Catalonia, a short distance from Barcelona. This dynamic and competitive region, with good communications and a clearly defined character all of its own, is a reference in the economic and social development of eastern Spain.

Throughout history, the region's strategic position, excellent communications infrastructure, wealth of natural resources and enviable climate have made it a cradle of civilizations, a culturally prosperous, open and vibrant region that is proud of its traditions, such as castells (human towers, recognized by Unesco as intangible cultural heritage), and offers a complete Mediterranean experience for those who come to study Spanish.

There are many excellent reasons for learning Spanish in Tarragona. Here are just seven of them: