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Language vacation and Study Abroad programs

Language Vacation programs

Tarragona, named a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is located on the Mediterranean coast. It has an important and well-preserved historical Roman heritage as well as numerous cultural vestiges from every other era. It is also an important international tourist destination because of its year-round mild climate, vibrant cultural life, beautiful golden sandy beaches, short distance from Barcelona, and good communications with the rest of Spain and the major cities of Europe.

Language Vacation programs are two- or four-week Spanish Culture programs comprising face-to-face Spanish language classes, cultural workshops, and recreational linguistic activities during the vacation periods at the academic institutions of the participating students. These programs are available throughout the year.

Also organized as part of this program are cultural and thematic weekends during which the students are accompanied by their teachers. Recreational and cultural visits are organized to Barcelona (with visits to the Sagrada Familia and Barcelona Football Club, etc.) as well as, for example, to the Ebro Delta, the famous wine cellars of El Priorat, and the Cistercian Monasteries, which are closer to home.

Download this brochure for further information on our Language Vacation programs or contact us directly at the CEH(ELIMINAR).

Tailor-made Study Abroad programs

The CEH organizes tailor-made Spanish courses through the University's Study Abroad program. These courses are activated on demand from other teaching institutions or organizations to provide specific language knowledge in fields such as Spanish for tourism, Spanish for business, Spanish for enologists, Spanish and gastronomy, seminars on Spanish cinema, etc.

If you are interested in a tailor-made course for your students, contact us at study.abroad(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.