Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Master's degree in Teaching languages: Spanish as a foreign language

The Master's degree in Teaching languages: Spanish as a foreign language provides in-depth training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The program, which is taught face-to-face, is highly practical in order to ensure that education professionals are fully prepared for this important field to society.

The program is directed towards professionalization in the field in question, i.e. the training of future teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. Graduates find job opportunities as teachers at Spanish universities and foreign high schools; teaching assistants in Spanish at foreign universities; staff members responsible for the reception of children of immigrants in elementary schools and high schools; cultural mediators; tourist industry professionals; and translators. Students also have the possibility to embark on a research path and pursue a career in higher education as either a lecturer or a researcher.

All the subjects are taught in compact teaching blocks during the evenings. Professional practicums are conducted in public or private institutions where languages are taught, official language schools, and other language teaching centers (town hall social services, classes for immigrants, etc.).  They are supervised by the Master's coordinator as well as by personal tutors at each participating institution. The  possibility of conducting the practicums in foreign universities also exists.