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Intensive courses for Spanish language teachers


These courses are components of the range of courses offered through the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the United States and Canada for North American education professionals interested in completing their training in Spain. For 2017, the courses offered by the CEH are:

►ICT Applied to the Intercultural Relations between Spain and the USA in the Spanish of Foreign Language Classroom (Level B2)

The course is divided in two parts: a first part designed to help the E/LE American teachers manage, from an intercultural perspective, the teaching of Spanish literature, history, art and cinema by means of the knowledge of the established relationships in those fields between Spain and the USA; a second part designed to help teachers to adapt to the new needs of E/LE learners in a society where the information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become a natural part of our lives.

Dates: July 10-28, 2017

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►Masters for the upgrading of teachers in teaching and learning Spanish Language and Culture. (Level C1)

This Masters provides ideas for reflection and practical tools to organize the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and its culture. It helps as well to familiarize teachers with the different techniques and resources in order to make the teaching-learning process more effective.


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Besides the above courses, the CEH is able to provide intensive courses of two, three or four weeks' duration on demand for teachers during the winter or summer months. To organize these tailor-made courses, the participation of a minimum of 10 teachers per course is required.

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